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  • You are very bold and brave, which is why you got Harry Potter. He always battles with You-Know-Who, and not to mention he isn't even afraid of saying the name 'Voldemort' *GASP* You probably hate the Slytherin House, too. Be proud that you got Harry Potter; he is a great character!

    Volde mort can go die! Or Moldy Wart as I call him (and sometimes no nose) This just proves how much my husband and I are alike!

    Pyra Potter
  • I got Harry. Correct, but Im a girl. That's alright though. Good quiz

  • I actualy don't have blonde hair (I got draco) I have blackish-brown but yeah

  • I got Harry, which is quite true, though i like Draco! I'm bold, brave, but not as much as Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If my quiz has any errors, please don't be mean about it! :D

    Hope Ya like the quizz(:


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