What Harry Potter Charater Are You?

Harry Potter has changed my life in so many ways. I cried and cried when I went to see the last movie and read the last book because it was all over. It was as if I was saying good bye to my entire childhood.

I want to see which Harry Potter charachter you are!!!!!So please take my quiz and answer honestly so you will get yout rightful results. Have fun!!!

Created by: Cally

  1. Which are you most?
  2. How are you in school?
  3. Would you risk your own lif to save a loved one?
  4. Is Snape the most bravest man you have ever known?
  5. Would you trust Dumbledore with your life?
  6. Are you afraid of spiders?
  7. Would you play quiditch?
  8. Which would you rather do?
  9. What would your one pet you would have to have a Hogwarts be?
  10. Choose:
  11. Ready to see your results????

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Quiz topic: What Harry Potter Charater am I?