How well do you know Harry Potter

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Harry Potter is a great book to read. It really motivates you. It is all about magic and adventure. It is fool of very inspiring and brave people. You should look into this topic.

Are you a genius. If you have read ad watched Harry Potter, you are sure to ace this, or get a good score. Are you brave enough the talk this quiz, or are you afraid.

Created by: Marie Milton
  1. How many houses are there at hogwarts.
  2. Who’s wand is Harry’s connected to.
  3. How many Horcruxes does Voldemort have?
  4. Who helped Harry in his quest to destroy Voldemort’s horcruxes after dumbledore died?
  5. Who put Harry’s name in the triwizard cup.
  6. What were the seven horcruxes?
  7. What did Hermione and Harry use to go back in time to save Buckbeak, and Sirius Black.
  8. What was the first book called before it was called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
  9. Who are the four triwizard champions
  10. In what book did Dumbledore die
  11. Which teacher was a follower of Voldemort in the first book
  12. Which teacher was a follower of Voldemort in the first book
  13. Who got taken into the Chamber of Secrets
  14. Who put Tom Riddle’s Diary in Ginny’s basket of books?
  15. How did the snake in the chamber of secrets get around hogwarts
  16. Which one of the weasleys die in the last book
  17. Who dies at the ministry in the fifth book, when Harry, Ron, and Hermione break in
  18. Who is the half blood prince
  19. Who kills Nagini in the last book
  20. Why did snape kill Dumbledore
  21. Who killed snape
  22. In Beatrix´s volt in gringots bank, what happen when you touch the treasure in it
  23. Who does Hermione marry at the end
  24. Who does Harry marry
  25. Who is head of slytherin
  26. Who is head of Griffindor
  27. Who is head of ravenclaw
  28. Who is head of hufflepuff
  29. Who did Hermione go with to the Yule ball
  30. Who won the battle at the end of book seven. Voldemort or Harry Potter

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