How well do you know Harry Potter?

Are you a Harry Potter expert? Do you want to take a quiz?here is a quick quiz made by a true Harry Potter fan! This is not a long quiz, but (hopefully) a fun one!

I am a potter fan and did not look at the book once for answers! I am a ravenclaw according to the quizzes on here, great job if you made one. Hope you enjoy! PS this is the book!

Created by: Harryfan101

  1. What wood is Harrys wand made of?
  2. Who fixes Harrys nose in Harry Potter and the half blood prince?
  3. What spell does Draco use against dumbledoore?
  4. What chess piece does Ron play in the sorcerers stone?
  5. What pulls the horseless chariots?
  6. What are Fred and Georges joke shop called?
  7. To who does the doe patronus belong to?
  8. What is Hagrids dog named?
  9. Who sent the dementors to little whinging?
  10. How many times did dumbledoore say for the time turner?
  11. What are the deathly hallows?
  12. Who is a beetle amigas?
  13. Who did the sorting hat belong to?
  14. Which is your favorite book?
  15. Who are dumbledoores siblings?
  16. Who is the defense against the dark arts teacher in year 3?
  17. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry Potter?