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  • hey everyone!! it izzy the creator of this awesome quiz!! please leave comments!! i really wanna know what you guys think of my quiz.. is it awesome? is it suckful? idk until you tell me.. please tell me what you think! k. thanks!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! i mean it. you guys are great!

  • Hermione. Great quiz!!!!

  • 85%Ginny, 84% Hermione, but Hermione is way cooler and smarter than that dumb Ginny!

    • Loved it so much!!! @JeanHermione thats just a rude thing to say all characters have there strengths and Ginny is a strong and SMART woman just because shes not as study crazy as Hermione does not make her dumb! This just proves that u only look at the main characters and forget those who have been overlooked! Think before u speak!


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