what guy from full house do you match up with

the full house characters are cool, you have danny jsse and joey they are all good each diffrent in cool ways you will so love them its a cool show with a cool theme song i hope your a girl please no gay guys sorry so sad so bad

well who are you, are you one or the toehr or the otjher its a mystery "every where you look theres a heart, and hand to hold on too" please no mean comments its a cool quiz i also made what color are you 120 take it its cool

Created by: brittany

  1. what would you rather do for fun if your bored
  2. where would you go in the mall
  3. what color do you like best
  4. what would you rather watch on tv
  5. what character, (or if you never seen the show which name) do you like best
  6. what last name (dont be prejudice cuz you like the character) do you like best
  7. what song is cooler
  8. letter pick
  9. which face more describes you
  10. which food is better

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Quiz topic: What guy from full house do I match up with