what Gokosen Basara character are you

this is a quiz modeled off an anime i watched recently and thought was good so please take my quiz and enjoy!

so if you havent watched the show i highly reckomend it, it was very good well have fun on my quiz, i hope you like it!

Created by: bob

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you good with people
  2. are you very strong
  3. are you very agile
  4. are you reckless
  5. how many eyes do you have?
  6. do you like pizza
  7. what is your favorite colour
  8. what is your favorite weapon
  9. what would you rather do to destroy an evil force threatening all good
  10. do you like to say things in another languege sometimes?

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Quiz topic: What Gokosen Basara character am I