What God or Goddess would you be?

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You know you are a deity of something but of what??? It's time to find out! What is that you rule over? What should people worship you for? How can you best work your magic in the world?

This quiz is going to answer that question with extreme accuracy. Only take this quiz if you are REALLY SERIOUS about know this information. Sometimes it is just better to live in the bliss of ignorance. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Created by: Hamma Burger

  1. How do you think President Trump is doing?
  2. When things get stressful, you like to do what?
  3. I like to drink...
  4. In the grand scheme of things...
  5. Which color best fits your mood?
  6. Your favorite month is...
  7. Just choose one. Who wants to think so hard??
  8. Which is the most interesting to you
  9. You like to write with
  10. What kind of houseplant do you own (or wish you did)?

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