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  • My results for "What gender should I be? 93% Girl and 72% Boy"

    Interesting result cause I am a boy, but I am much more girl inside and I am pretty outwardly feminine in a lot of ways. If I had a choice I would totally be a girl, but I was born like this. I am like surprised this quiz actually picked up on this aspect of me---even though it concluded that I should be a girl (agreed), it also gives me 72% boy rating. Not too bad for a 10 question quiz or whatever.

    The blurb is a little misogynistic though:

    "girls are girly shopaholics. they dont really like doing boystrous things, and they tend to go shopping, go for girlie nights out and like pink. girls can vary, to popular, to geeky. geeky wear glasses and have their hair unstyled. popular girls put make-up on and take forever to do their hair."

    Yeah, I like shopping. Lots of guys do too. Some do even for clothes! It is totally bull to say girls shop and guys don't. I like shopping for girly stuff and for books, electronic stuff, food etc. I was never loud or boisterous but SO many of the other girls I know are and lots of boys are not. Same with pink... I love pink, and lots of other colors; pink is my fav probably because it is considered girly! I know other girls who hate it and guys who rock it.yeah---girls can vary from cool to geeky etc DUH! But too true I take forever to get ready :-)


  • wat pink??? and shopping??? i hate those 2 things!!! i am a girl but still! im on the boys football team i like to play video games i like to fun i like to eat cold pizza i like to explode thing and i like red and black!!!!! i like things that maybe even boys get grossed out at!!!!

  • I hate pink shopping AND doing girly things AND I'm a girl. Only b----s do that stuff!

  • i got 87% girl and 33% boy im actually a transgend male to female so dont judge o:o


    Roase marie
  • Hee hee I got girl as a boy is that cute


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