What furry are you (narrow down what furry you are)

We all want to know what furry we are, well it depends on person to person, some people are little lap dogs and other people are big, strong Tigers, while i can not tell you what you are, i can narrow it down

I can narrow it down to one of four(4) things, fox, dog, feline, or human, some are easy to get, like human, some are just a little harder than that, but all-in-all it is scored fairly.

Created by: cordell of hdwnm
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What foods do you like best
  2. what do you want to be/have
  3. do you like to hunt
  4. What result do you want to get
  5. How are you
  6. yah, this one is just filling space
  7. what do you like to do
  8. what do you like to play with
  9. How do you greet a new person/furr
  10. Filling space again here, who's a good boy/girl

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Quiz topic: What furry am I (narrow down what furry you are)