Are You A FURRY?

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Will you be a furry or not? I don't know try to find out using this quiz! Enjoy this quiz I don't think you'll pass (jk) TEST YOUR LUCK AND SEE IF YOU ARE A FURRY OR NOT

This quiz is about knowing if you are a furry or not, if your not your not, if you are you are, but this quiz tells the truth, So Take it, Or your a furry!

Created by: JordanisAfurry

  1. Do you Make animal Noises
  3. Do you think you have a tail
  4. If you had someone delivered a fursuit to your house what would you do? (you had to keep it)
  5. When you greet someone, what is your go to greeting?
  6. If you found met a furry what would you do?
  7. Do You like Zootopia
  8. Have you ever purposely hidden your phone when someone comes in while your watching YouTube?
  9. What Would You use in a chat
  10. Do You Have PAWS
  11. Do You enjoy being petted like and animal?
  12. Do you get excited when You hear the Word "Furry"
  13. Do you have fursuit or people in furry suit recommended to you by google?
  14. You've watched zootopia more than once
  15. Do you imagine your self with ghost tails and ears sometimes
  16. Have you bought anything (clothing, items) because they had an animal on it? Or a paw print?
  17. Do You call every animal cute?
  18. Do you Like Lion king
  19. Have you ever Liked and danced or sung to a song"I'ma Hunt you down tonight, I'ma eat you alive, just like animals" (Jordan u know this)
  20. Do you think Xavier is a furry (obviously)
  21. Do you think I'm a furry
  22. Do You Like Foxes like you want to be one

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