What Furry Could You Be?

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Hello there fellow furry, or new furry... whatever you may be in that sense at least. Anyways this is a test to find out what kind of furry you might be or at least should be. But keep in mind that there are three results. So it’s not extended possibility.

I should probably mention this before you start the test, so don’t start just yet! Ya hear? Good. Ok once you finish the test and find that the result you happen to get does not fit you right you may go ahead and retake the test if you wish Also if you wish, you can check my other tests.

Created by: Dakota B.
  1. What personality(s) would your friends say you have?
  2. Out these three choices, what do you think you’ll get? (Will not affect results.)
  3. What personality would you say you have?
  4. Which is your favorite animal?
  5. You: “Where should I go to have some fun? I know! I’ll go to...”
  6. What is your favorite Disney furry movie? (From old to new)
  7. Do you like the test so far? Give an honest opinion. (Will not affect you results.)
  8. Out of the three results what do you hope to get? (Will not affect results, also can’t promise choice.)
  9. You come across a group of bullies that try to fight you. You...
  10. You and your friend see your crush walk toward you. You...(Will not affect results, just for fun.)

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