what furry are you

i did my best on this i hope it was good it is my 1st one so i had grammer mistakes but i hope you had a fun time playing this because i had fun making it for you!!

plz coment if you like this i might make some more if i have two coments plz i tride oh the last two wer becaus i culd not think of mor stuff to put on the test

Created by: magie

  1. if you are faced with a chaling whut do you do?
  2. what do you prefur meat or vegeys
  3. what is your fav clour
  4. do you like bunnys?
  5. your leader is dead what do you do
  6. some one is hert!!!!!
  7. what is life to you
  8. what furry do you whant to be
  9. ummmm
  10. hows your day.....

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Quiz topic: What furry am I

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