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  • Now listen 2 me . im ur new coach here .

    jemah jempot Jul 28 '18, 3:44AM
  • Quarterback, exactly what I would want to be if I were the

    penguinsrule May 17 '16, 7:54PM
  • Snejs

    8007687 Mar 3 '16, 9:36PM
  • I have 2 things: Tom Brady is a cheater and he's the worst and no. 2 everybody stop doing the chain texting you are not going to die if you don't post it.

    O1Awesomeness Jan 8 '16, 8:50PM
  • Runningback. Das exactly what I wanna be.

    Zag_ Sep 13 '15, 3:00AM
  • What EVREY one got ??????????????????? ?

    Infernape kill Jun 21 '15, 10:36PM
  • I got QB

    Infernape kill Jun 21 '15, 10:32PM
  • I loved it and realized my actual position THANKYOU!!!!

    edrion May 20 '15, 7:06AM
  • Running back...hm...

    KilljoyRainbow Apr 17 '15, 9:55PM
  • 30 seconds left on the clock and where am I? If I'm at my own 40 id run a corner route to their forty five, step out. 23 ish seconds left run a ten yard out stick to the sideline and step out in FG range. 35 yard line, 13 seconds left run a circle corner for 15 yards to the twenty, out with 5 seconds left then kick a FG and win the game.

    Cardsfan42 Dec 29 '14, 11:42PM
  • i bet if i played football as a running back, my ass would get trampled tackled trucked and sacked. I'm only 5'0 and 125 lbs. That's like taking candy from a baby. HAHAHA!

    MarchBaby Oct 31 '14, 8:04PM
  • Where the hell is Drew Brees on that list?!? That's my guy. Also was this test only for guys? Because I am a girl, and I put skinny as a twig because running fast and RUNNING period, is not my thing.

    MarchBaby Oct 31 '14, 8:02PM
  • LB ALL DAY!!! Better believe it! NEVER SLOWING!!

    WOLFPACK Aug 18 '14, 10:55PM
  • I wanted to be a kicker

    TylerS May 16 '14, 8:21PM
  • I am a female, and I wish to be on a football team, but I think my gender hurts my chances entirely. I'm almost 12 years old and in the sixth grade. I don't know requirements, but I'm continuing to look. I'm 5'1 and I weigh in at 86 pounds. (I actually weigh good for my height) I'm not sure what I could be for my team. I'm hoping for a QB if anything. That's what I got on the test. Any help for requirements?

    MeowkittehxD Oct 19 '13, 9:44PM
  • Y U NO HAVE LINEMAN. cuz thats what i am

    amd1314a Jan 8 '13, 7:18PM
  • I wish the results would have included specific goals. If I am to be a linebacker, how fast should I run the 40 yard dash?

    Bruce Leroy Oct 19 '12, 2:41PM
  • I can see how you consider me a running back, but you forgot about A. P. and the VIKINGS!

    Randomly strange Jun 10 '12, 11:06PM
  • I'm a girl and I took this quiz cause I wanna try out for football. Line backer. Not bad! I love takling ppl so it works!!!!

    Bubbles1774 Feb 22 '12, 5:30PM
  • QB

    Hunteriscool Jan 25 '11, 3:30PM
  • Fullback? Hmm, I can see that.

    Mitch Dec 9 '10, 8:20PM
  • im best at all

    beibergay Aug 23 '10, 2:32PM

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