What Food are you?

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Hi hi! In this quiz, you are going to figure what food you are! As you progress in the quiz, the choices are pretty obvious.

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Created by: Gaby Warder

  1. Which one do you like more?
  2. When reaching for a snack, what do you reach for?
  3. When adding something extra to a meal, you use...
  4. When you need something to cool you down, you want...
  5. Oh no! Your teacher is coming over for dinner! What do make?
  6. You need something tasty, and savory. What will you make?
  7. MUST HAVE FOOD!! What do you want?
  8. Time to raid the fridge! What is your loot?
  9. Do you pick your clothes out at night, for the next day?
  10. Do you care about what you eat?

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Quiz topic: What Food am I?