What FMAB character are you?

There are many characters in the anime, FMAB, and I've picked a select five and put them into this quiz. Ready to take this quiz? I hope so. You're about to discover who you are.

Are you short-tempered? A total badass? A workaholic? Reserved? Morbid? Take this wonderful anime-based quiz to find out who you really are!

Created by: JoobJoobz

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. if your best friend was killed, you..
  2. Your hair color/style is..
  3. When someone insults you..
  4. You would sacrifice your life for...(if you wouldn't for any, just pick one)
  5. Someone just put a lock on your phone!
  6. Someone found your secret. How do you act like they didn't find out?
  7. BOO!
  8. You hear a scream.
  9. You already have a girl/boyfriend, but someone else comes along who you like better. What do you do?
  10. Last question.

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Quiz topic: What FMAB character am I?