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  • What Flower Are You?
    Your Result: Hydrangea 80%

    Hydrangeas are very beautiful flowers that grow in clumps. Hydrangeas symbolize abundance, gratitude, and magnificence. Giving someone a hydrangea flower can mean different things depending on the color. Giving someone a pink or purple hydrangea flower represents gratitude for being understood. And giving someone a blue hydrangea is used as an apology, and asking for forgiveness.

    66% Water Lily
    50% Orchid
    44% Magnolia
    44% Venus Fly Trap
    40% Forget Me Not
    36% Tulip
    0% Fox Glove
    0% Rose
    Even though I love Roses better.

  • Your Result: 72% Fox Glove

    Fox glove is a very beautiful, spotted flower that grows upwards. Fox glove is symbolized as being strongly connected to the magical world, and they're also known as "fairy gloves". Of course, this flower is known for being extremely poisonous and should not be touched with your bare hands. Fox glove also symbolizes energy, intuition, and ambition.

    To start off, LOL!! This whole description is very true. Especially the Magical world part! Basically im living in my own magic world. There are different worlds i visit but at the end of the day, i still have my own place. This is the best quiz i have ever took in my opinion :)


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