what flavor are you??

Their are a lot of angry, happy, and sad people out there but lets find out what that emothion would be if it where a flavor.come do my test to find out what flavor you are right now!

all of us knows our emoions but how many of use know what that is in a flavor.not many people so take this test and shock you frends with the info you know.

Created by: jessy
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  1. If you go to a ice cream store you are most likly to get which flavor??
  2. juring the day your mood is contanly??
  3. your clothing style is usally???
  4. when you grow up you are most likly to be a??
  5. what is your favorite subjest??
  6. your favorite pet would be a...
  7. you and your mother go out shoping and your mom picks up something that she thinks is very cute but you think its incredably ugly you..."
  8. its your birthday and you are hoping for something fantastic then you best friend comes up and gives you a lame teddy bear you...
  9. your teacher has just given you a detention for acting up in class you are most likly to....
  10. you are walking in the mall and a little kid trips you intentionaly you...

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Quiz topic: What flavor am I??