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  • Foxy, and guys, actually it's possible Foxy did not cause the bite of 87!!! Most people think this because they think his jaw is always open, and the cause of that is biting so hard something happened to his jaw (correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I heard). But nope. When he comes in your office, if you slow it down or pause it quick enough, you see his jaw is closed and then he opens it, so his jaw isn't always open like that! My real guess is Mangle, because the frontal lobe was bitten, and she is upside down. So her open jaw is where the lobe is! And she is also the other version of Foxy. This is just my opinion

    Mysterious Cat
  • What Five Nights at Freddy's character are you?

    Your Result: Foxy 77%

    You are Foxy, the one most able to make the 'Bite of 87' starting the crisis and not being able to control yourself making mayhem. But as this happened you bit the frontal lobe of a guest in Freddy Fazbears place which made you stuck and told as 'out of order'..

  • Oh and Forever_dreamer He spelled his name wrong,it is Bonny

  • I got Freddy

  • Got Foxy! Not really my favorite character, but at least I got somethin'!

    Briana Rivera
  • "Bunny" really? It's BONNIE

  • This quiz is cool. I got bunny and I think that is a good character.

  • Cool, got Freddy 😁😁 awesome quiz too, tho the leader of the pack parts really got me thinking...awesome quiz tho 😁✌👌👍👏 🙌


  • Got Freddy the leader of the pack, the main one, THE AWESOME ONE!

  • it's not Bunny, it's Bonnie, it's not Chika, it's Chica, and NONE OF THEM CAUSED THE BITE.


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