What fantasy creature are you?

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Ever wondered what fantasy creature you were? well know you can find out in just 10 simple clicks of the mouse! Will you be a dragon, elf, giant, magician, dwarf, or a human?

This is my first quiz, and as an avid fantasy reader, I thought that this might be a fun first quiz Idea. Please do forgive me if it is terrible. Be honest on this quiz, it does make a difference.

Created by: arya
  1. What do you value most in life?
  2. What is your favorite color? (ik ik, just answer honestly)
  3. Do you need lots of money?
  4. ok I know this was short, but did you like this quiz? (does not affect results.)
  5. what is your favorite mythical creature?
  6. what is your favorite place out of the following
  7. What animal do you want to be out of the following
  8. sd
  9. adsfdasf
  10. asdfsadf
  11. asdfdfdd

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Quiz topic: What fantasy creature am I?