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  • I'ma Griffin

    Griffins are animals with a lion's body and the wings and head of an eagle. They are proud and noble creatures, but if you are lucky enough to gain one's trust, then you will have a loyal friend forever.

    I like ducks better though
    10 STARZ

  • What Fantasy Animal are You?
    Your Result: Pegasus

    Pegasus are horses with wings on their back so they can fly where they please. They are usually white, but some are known to be black, brown, or palomino.

    Darn it! I wish I got a Unicorn, but I also LOVE Pegasus!

  • Dragons are like giant, flying lizards. You are sleek and fast and love to fly. If you are a Rider, you have a mental link with one and get to ride it.

  • I'm a pegasus! I lve horses and their beauty. In fact I like all animals! n_n Great quiz!


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