What Fairy Tale Mage/Wizard are you?

there are many great mages in the world of fairytale and also there are the strong and the weak. when you know how to trust and love your friends thats when your a great mage.

Friends are what keep natsu lucy erza and grey going. they love fairy tail and all there friends at fairy tale. they understand that sometimes you cant do things aone and thats ok because they can always do it wih there frinds.

Created by: Karter
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whats your favorite color?
  2. you never seem to have enough?
  3. you snap when someone...
  4. you can fix something by...
  5. when the cops / authority is chaseing you, you...
  6. your fighting and your scared what do you do?
  7. a person you absultly dispise comes up to you... they start fighting you and edging you to fight back... you walk away till they start up with insulting your friend... what do you do...?
  8. if you and your friend are badley hurt and lost what do you?
  9. when your alone you
  10. you have been captured and all your strength is gone...what do you do?
  11. how well do you fight
  12. would you form a team if you were a mage?
  13. if you could date one... whitch one??
  14. goodbye...

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Quiz topic: What Fairy Tale Mage/Wizard am I?