what fairy tail girl is right for you

Do you wont to know what Fairy tail character you have take this quiz to find out dont lie dont cheat just anwser the questions and if any you dont get just make them up.

ok dont know what to have a good chance with this character then take this test you will find out who you have most chance with and you will know there personality to

Created by: frenchy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what colour do you prefer
  2. you walk ip to her in the hall she
  3. slip, trip sprawle in the hall, she would
  4. you know shes in trouble you
  5. your cat just died she would-
  6. whats your favourite number
  7. whats the most likly reson she slapped you
  8. you gaze into her beautiful eyes and lean in to kiss her she would say-
  9. how would be your comition to get this girl
  10. umm dont know what to do for this question just pick one

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