how well do you know erza scarlet

How well do you know Erza? Are you just taking this quiz not knowing who she is or what Fairy Tail is or are you a fan of Titania Erza Scarlet? This is where you find out if your a true fan of Erza or not

Are you TRULY an Erza fan? Are you a fan of Fairy Tail? A fan of Anime? Do you LOVE anime? This quiz will tell you! This quiz will show you if you should be a fan of Natsu or Wendy or someone else or if you are a die hard fan of Erza.

Created by: frenchy
  1. What is the name of Erza's childhood friend?
  2. what is the name Erza's childhood friend gave her?
  3. What is Erza's nickname?
  4. What is the Edoras version of Erza called?
  5. When did Erza pass the S class wizard exam?
  6. What does Erza say to Wendy when Wendy's guild 'disappears'
  7. how many ex-quips does Erza have?
  8. Why does Erza have an artificial eye and which eye is it?
  9. In Edoras, Erza was a lacrima with someone and someone broke the lacrima freeing them who are these 2 people?
  10. Erza cares for her teammates and all of the guild is this true or false??
  11. If you had a crush on Erza (sorry all those straight girls!!) who would be your competition??
  12. Erza bitten by a snake in season 2 true or false??

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