what evil doll are you? (like chucky or tails doll)

hello. today you are going to take a quiz. but not just any old quiz. this is my quiz. are you prepared to find out what doll you are?

Probably. well i just have 1 rule. NO CHAIN MESSAGES!!!! they are silly. and if you are stupid enough to post one in my comments. like: POST THIS MESSAGE TO 10 DIFFERENT MESSAGES IN 10 MINUTES AND YOUR CRUSH`S NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS IF YOU PUSH F2. You are dead to me. i don`t get the point!!!

Created by: Wilfrecookie

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  1. You are a new doll, just made. You are put in a fancy toy shop, But first, what kind of doll are you?
  2. Yes the store is fancy. You are an old untidy doll. Do you feel you have no chance?
  3. finally after 5 weeks of cruelty and sly comments you find someone. He/she is begging Her/His parents to buy you what does the kid look like?
  4. Their parents look at your fabric. you try so hard not to look cheap. the parents roll you around to try find the price they see the tag and shreik! what kind of shreik was it?
  5. they buy you. you: YES!!! but it is not as it seems. they love you for a week. then they get bored with you and chuck you in a cupboard. how do you feel?
  6. but then it gets worse. they bring you outside. they get called in and it rains. you get soggy and they have to dry you in the dryer.you get ruined in the dryer so they put you in the bin. are you mad now?
  7. you have a perfect plan, to kill that brat who killed you. when will you strike?
  8. its been planned. you will kill her. but you can`t do it public! its far to obvious! how will you do the deed?
  9. you go in for the attack when you realize that you can`t kill her bare handed! whats your weapon of choice?
  10. the deed is done. He/she is dead. the crime is HUGE!!! it makes into papers and even on the news. do you feel bad or good?
  11. now technachly you are famous, you need a name. a name everybody will remeber. what is it?
  12. you also need a meem,
  13. done are you prepared to see what doll you are?

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Quiz topic: What evil doll am I? (like chucky or tails doll)