What elemental power is yours?

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You are a poor farm worker in your land. News arrives that a Dark God is threatening to rise up against your kingdom and kill your Queen. The first act of destruction is that all the Ancient Warriors that protect the bounds of your country have vanished.

In a desperate attempt, the Queen calls upon her people. You know this is your chance, and volunteer to help. You are now faced with a perilous quest, which just your weapon by your side. Can you defeat ultimate evil?…

Created by: ginnyandluna
  1. When you set off, you have to travel according to an ancient song passed down by your ancestors. What direction do you go by?
  2. After trekking for a solid day, you decide to find somewhere to rest and regain your strength. Where do you stop?
  3. The next day, to your great dismay, you find that an animal has taken all your food supplies. You search for two hours, and eventually find:
  4. You spend the next four days walking in your chosen path. What terrain do you hike through?
  5. On the next day, you grow wary. You hear a rustling, and then a creature, a minion of your oppressor, jumps out. It is…
  6. You draw your weapon and fight with immense skill and courage. You use a:
  7. Just then, there is a blinding flash of light, and the creature is vaporised. But this is not by your hand. The being that appears before you is:
  8. You travel on, exhausted and confused by this phenomenon. But at last, you are greeted with a foreboding sight. This is the home of your enemy. It is:
  9. You travel through the land, yet no-one appears to notice you. You cautiously step into the enemy’s stronghold. But a curious artefact attracts your attention. What is it?
  10. But as you reach out to touch it, an explosion of thunder shatters the artefact. A ghostly noise emerges, and a figure appears. It is the one and only figure that saved you from the monster. They declare their name, it is:
  11. Your nemesis laughs, and dares you to challenge him. You fight, but a change comes over you. You feel like:
  12. The enemy has tricked you! As you lie, defeated, at their feet, they give you an option:
  13. But suddenly, you ind you have regained your strength. You jump up, and, with a quick move, slash your weapon into your opponent’s heart. They crumble to dust before you. You have to escape. You:
  14. Somehow, you manage to escape your enemies. You sink down on the ground - you are free. Slowly, you sink into a refreshing and dreamless sleep. Instead of a dream, the god appears to you, but which god?
  15. The God prepares you: you have been gifted with an elemental power. Are you ready to receive your Gift?

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