What is your ancient weapon?

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You are the leader of your land. You and your people are living in peace when suddenly your archenemy sends a message that within a short time he will attack your land and kill everything living. You are heart broken by the incident.

In an attempt of protection, you travel to his Homeland to fight and defeat him in order to protect your land from his wrath. Now come and undertake this journey to see which weapon you could get after the battle.

Created by: Ninjawarrior120

  1. After weeks of traveling, you have finally reached your enemy's abode. How does it look?
  2. As you move a step, a group of soldiers approach you. How do they look?
  3. After a brief yet incredible fight, you defeat them and enter your enemies' abode. You find him sitted on a golden stool waiting for you. How does he look?
  4. Immediately, you break into a fight. How are you fighting?
  5. After a long fight, you defeat him. How did you defeat him?
  6. After defeating him, everything his is now yours you choose to :
  7. After all that, you go back home. You meet the gods who say that they will gift you a weapon for your victory, but you must first answer some questions. Power or Knowledge?
  8. Revenge or forgiveness
  9. After answering the questions, you are given the weapon, you always wanted. What is it?
  10. Once you are given the weapon, you feel suddenly stronger! The gods leave and you have peace and a powerful weapon.

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Quiz topic: What is my ancient weapon?