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    Sepior Jun 18 '16, 4:29PM
  • Air dragon, that is not me. *growls*

    Sepior Jun 16 '16, 9:05PM
  • toxtic

    balto30 Dec 23 '14, 1:11AM
  • Fire Dragon,

    Sum1 Oct 29 '10, 5:36AM
  • Your Result:
    Air Dragon

    You are laid back and easy going, things don't tend to get on your nerves. People just love to bearound you for who you are. You also can tend to be popular, but dont let that get to your head or you may become a Toxic Dragon. Air Dragons are popular in the Far East

    vleroy728 Feb 7 '10, 1:43PM
  • I got air dragon. Nice...

    FuturePhantom Oct 20 '09, 4:52AM
  • i am the dragon of earth i am so caring

    s_tu_ie May 20 '08, 2:57PM

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