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  • Your Result: Your element is AIR

    You believe in a free spirit and an easy mind. You don't let anything burden you on life's journey. You know that peace and love is the way of the world.

    Your element is EARTH
    Your element is WATER
    Your element is FIRE

    Puppy xo1
  • Your Result: Your element is FIRE 81%

    Fire can destroy, meaning that you are in control. You believe that you have the strength to change anything. Life has many paths, but you know that you must choose one.

    Your element is EARTH 16%
    Your element is AIR 5%
    Your element is WATER

  • Water. You are wise and serene. you believe that tranquility and calmness can releive you of a stressed mind. You know what is right and wrong. You think before you make a desicion. Well, that's me alright. Way to go, Roxxanne. I really enjoyed the quiz.

  • fire

    well i do believe that you control your own destiny, and i KNOW i have a fiery temper and personality. good quiz!

  • I always get fire or earth in these quizzes.
    (I got earth here)


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