what element of insanity is your friend

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(this quiz is girly) right now you are taking an MLP quiz!!!(MLP is for BABIES) someone just made it a little creepier.and thats what it is all about ;)

it's all about which " element of insanity " are you. and..............I really really hope you enjoy the quiz(today's my cousin's birthday)(you can say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" in the comments if you want)

Created by: ricelthericegirl

  1. what food do you like here
  2. what occupation do you like
  3. what is your favourite thing
  4. what type of pony do you want to be
  5. what colour do you like
  6. do you know MLP
  7. what element do you hate
  8. someone tripped, what do you do
  9. do you want to be bad
  10. do you lie often
  11. did you enjoy the quiz???
  12. bye bye

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Quiz topic: What element of insanity is my friend