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  • Fire is not like that! I study fire all the time, you're right that it's always looking for power, because it is hated by so many, but it is not impatient and murder-loving. It does not wish to kill, just to live itself without being killed. It has a warm heart, like it's body, and is glad to help, if it can, but often can't because of it's dangers that it ws born with and wishes it didn't have. Don't make quizzes on stuff you don't know about, please!

    • Huh, that's very interesting, I think you're right:) I got water, but anyways, ty for putting your time and effort into this quiz for us. :)

  • Own kind of element,sounds about right sense I am very unique and like to go by my own rules and instincts alot rather than society standards instead. Cool quiz mate.


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