What dress will you make me wear

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Leave me alone @/////////@ Aax: I was just in my freaking boxers use the memory wipe machine thing what is it called oh yeah the- I think I used it way to much


Created by: My_Wolves

  1. Normal or short dress *PLEASE CHOOSE LONG*
  2. Where will our date be-
  3. *BTW the pic is of me and my daughter*
  4. Im a single mom making these quizzes im a teen btw not a adult I just look like one
  5. Now time to dress Aax
  6. Aax: Justice a freaking suit before Leah dies *He is in his freaking boxers* Me: @////@
  7. Me: *Fainted*
  8. Aax: *Dumps water on you* Wasn't me *points at sam*
  9. Me: *wakes up*
  10. Bye @//////@

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Quiz topic: What dress will I make me wear

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