Are you Metro or Macho?

Are you metro or macho? Where do you fall between the two extremes? Find out where you rank between the subhuman macho machine and the modern dandy. You get the added bonus of seeing what people think about you based off of your style of dress and grooming habits.

You're about to discover just how metro or macho you are! Are you a dandy? A modern male? Or just average? You'll also learn what everyone around you thinks about you based off of your answers!

Created by: Josh
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  1. If you had to choose from the following TV show genres, which would you watch?
  2. Which accessory would you rather grab before heading out for a night on the town?
  3. This weekend, you would rather...
  4. If you had to grab a shirt from this rack, you would pick...
  5. If you could wake up tomorrow with a new talent, you would want it to be...
  6. What do you think about wearing a neck tie?
  7. Which of the following product do you use most often?
  8. Do you ever go out in public with your underwear visible? This includes wearing a wife-beater as an actual shirt.
  9. Time to buy tickets! Which would you rather have?
  10. Ever have any part of your body waxed?
  11. Your clothing is most likely to have...
  12. Your hat rack would contain...
  13. Had a manicure?
  14. Been to a tanning salon?

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Quiz topic: Am I Metro or Macho?