Crunchy/Mushy/Metro Mommy Quiz

This quiz is to find out how crunchy, mushy or metro a mommy you are. But, seriously, don't take my word for it. I know nothing! Oh, now they want one hundred and FIFTY words... GEEZ! Do exclamation points count? How bout question marks? NO EXESSIVE REPEATING CHARACTERS? But WHY NOT? This is getting out of hand now.

Nothing, I tell you! NA - THING! Lalala... connect the dots... One hundred and fifty freakin characters... do they really think I have that much to say? Okay so maybe on some days I do... but not today, apparently... So this one time at band camp! Then this other time we we re on a ski trip... Oh that's too dirty for here... How many more letter must I type?!

Created by: Duckie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Homebirth?
  2. Circ?
  3. CD or sposies?
  4. Birth Control?
  5. Co-sleeping?
  6. CIO?
  7. Baby wearing?
  8. BF or FF?
  9. Weaning?
  10. Organic/Natural?
  11. Vax?
  12. Homeschool?
  13. Work, daycare, sahm...
  14. How many kids do you have or want to have?

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