What Dragon from Dragons of berk r u?

There are many Cool People Out their that like dragons and watched HOW TO TRAIN DRAGON, then a test needs to see what dragon you are. you need to know how dragon you are.

Hey Dudes, how are you doing? If you are into Dragons and want to know what kind of Dragon from the movie HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 1 and 2, well here is the quiz.

Created by: overlord45

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If u were a Dragon Trainer, what would you train?
  2. What power would you have if you were a dragon?
  3. If you were a trainer who would you be?
  4. If you were choose a Class what class would it be?
  5. Do you want to be the most...
  6. Do you you like to eat...
  7. Is your personality...
  8. Do you like a..... dragon?
  9. Do you like this quiz?
  10. Give a rating
  11. If you were asked to become the chief how would you react?

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