What dragon are you?

This quiz will tell what sorte of dragon are you inside . We are all some dragons what the power is very strong. How about try to find what you are : light, fire, nature or water ?

PS : to be more interesting, I think it's better to listen nightcore best musics on google in same time that you do that test. It make more creativity come. Try!

Created by: Evil sasha

  1. You're mom want that you eat all in your meal ate school. When you got there, you realized that you're mom gives you a banana ( you don't like bananas) and you're best gives you a toast and a sandwich. Do you will tack it?
  2. What colours do you prefer?
  3. What type of film you like the most?
  4. What pet you like the most?
  5. Your friends says that you're very...
  6. If you has the choice to choose your element, it will be...
  7. What is your favorite lesson in classroom?
  8. What is your secret name?
  9. What is your symbol ?
  10. What is your favorite fruits?

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Quiz topic: What dragon am I?