What dose your breath smell like???

i was bored and this is really my 1st quiz so... QUETZALXOCHITL! sooooooooooo mannnnnnyyyyyy Cchhaarraaccttuurreess AND AS IN UFFISH TOUGHT HE STOOD THE JABERWOCK WITH EYES AFLAME CAME WHIFFLING...

blah blah BLEACH im not supposed to put gibberish butttt...nothago gothagibothagerothagish oooooppsss no gibderisch oops i did it sorry more gibberish! AHHHHH nonsence

Created by: ChunkyWeaux
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you brush your teeth?
  2. Do people lean away from you when you talk?
  3. Do you use minty toothpaste?
  4. what did you eat this moring?
  5. im sooooo tired of this
  6. how many more questions ?
  7. do you eat limburger?
  8. how do you spell limburger?
  9. only twoooo more!
  10. actualy it was one...BYE!

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Quiz topic: What dose my breath smell like???