what dog is right 4 u

well i simply made this quiz because i was bored, and well it just helps you figure out wich dog is right 4 you. as the name states, well i really wish this thing didnt make me write a two paragragh description but here it is, and im just taking up space, so here goes taking up space time.

y do they want a description mine says it all in the title. i can promise them that im not making another quiz with them ever, but ive already gone through enough, so im not giving up now. I really dont have time 4 this but i really want to take my own quiz so im gonna keep on writing, well how was ur day? Mine was good. I really hate writing essays of any shape form or fashion. Like i could type two 120 word paragraghs about what type of dog is right for you, i mean really. what do they expect out of me?, taking up space time.

Created by: star1492
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where do you live ?
  2. How active of a dog do you want?
  3. what kind of dog do u want?
  4. inside or out?
  5. easy to train or not?
  6. lapdog or not?
  7. gaurd dog or not?
  8. color
  9. likes baths or not?
  10. how was my quiz? this wont effect ur outcome. promise

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