What do you know about me?

my quiz is intense and about me. have fun taking it! this weird thing is making me write two paragraphs so you better like it! watch out for some tricky questions and if you didn't read my likes and dislikes GO BACK and read them!!! You never know if you know everything about them and if it's right there....go and read it!! haha don't ask this thing is making me write this and I don't know what to write so if you are bored PLEASE take my quiz!!

my title is cool because it tells what my quiz is about!!! mainly me but o well! hope you enjoy taking it! I had a blast making it...not!Well if you have a question about my quiz or for me be sure to comment me!!! I will try to get back to you and tell you anything you wanna know!!! Go get'em!

Created by: kaylee

  1. What is my favorite animal?
  2. What do I like to do that allows me to go anywhere?
  3. What number do I not like?
  4. I don't like when people ____ my friends
  5. COLORS COLORS COLORS What's my favorite?
  6. I can't help but _____
  7. Are yu my best friend?
  8. My middle name is ____ and I was named after?(bonus question)
  9. What's one thing that I'm bad at and dislike??
  10. What's one thing you will almost never see me without?
  11. What electronic is my favorite?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about me?