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  • Your Result: You Are Bad! 76%

    Your Appearance says that you are Bad! You are not the type of person who is a generous or kind, but instead wicked. You have an evil mind and you are on the dark side. You are wild and crazy and you enjoy destroying things. People are often afraid of you, because you're a bully.~ This thing was pretty accurate. Just yesterday, I was destroying a bunch of mechanical pencils! Im not a bully though. Im only 11, and Im only comfortable with my friends.

  • Your Result: You Are Vain! 78%

    Your appearance says that you are Vain! You can never get enough of yourself and you're always looking in the mirror. Your appearance is very attractive and you tend to feel conceited about it! Your favorite color is pink, because you are girly. You are very fussy about how you do your hair and makeup, because you have to make sure that you look better than everyone else!

    50% You Are Bad!
    34% You Are Creative!
    24% You Are Shy!
    14% You Are Romantic!
    IDK what vain means... but OK!

  • Bad,just cuz I wear black and like being a loner doesn't mean I'm a jerk like u are for being so judgemental towards people just on appearance.

  • This was very inaccurate I hate pink I’m not girly! This was so bad I do not recommend!


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