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  • What do your friends REALLY think about you?

    Your Result: A tagalong who is sometimes annoying

    It's great to go along with what your friends do, but sometimes it's good to initiate things yourself. Your friends may see you as someone who is just following them around to look popular. It's never too late to change, though!

    A little shy but sweet and likable
    Very outgoing and fun
    Inconsiderate and a big ego
    7 stars

  • Critic: LittleMissMusic
    My Score: Very Outgoing and Fun
    Creator's Score: 90

    Comments: Well-written and with excellent grammar. I was looking at all your possible results, only one was a "good" result (this one). The others said "Conceited" or "Shy". Just try to be a little more positive! :) I would be interested to see what other quizzes you can make.


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