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  • I need friends to cheer me up.

    No kidding! I do! But most people are IDIOTS! and most of the friends i do have are emo (like me) or something like emo. Other friends that i have cant cheer me up easily or just depress me more. I hide A LOT of things. Nobody will understand or accept me really -_-

  • our Result: You need friends to be happy.

    You always seem to be a little depressed, you need to talk to someone and tell them your feelings about what's around you, but not just anyone, you have to be with people who are understanding and are willing to cheer you up, you might then feel happier because you'll be with people you can trust.

  • Too happy was mine. That makes sense, because I need to stay human and not be happy 24/7. It messes with me trying to be too cheerful when in actuality someone might as well be talking to a robot.

  • ...More sadness? I've had EMOFASES in my life a lot! How do you dare tell me that I'm TOO cheerful, and that I always cheer people up? This quiz is aparently incorrect, cause I answered correctly. This kinda offended me.

  • You need to feel for others to get friends.

    Awh, so not true D: I care about everyone more than they care about themselves !

  • I need more sadness in my life. :'(

  • yeah,i do need my friends to be happier good quiz

    sloppy joe 34
  • ohk, uhm, seriously this was the gayest quizz evea.

  • i dont listen to rock...that quiz sucked


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