what do you like?

This quiz is just because I would like to see who has the closest interests to me so please enjoy : ) love life because you only live once #YOLO. BE YOU.

here you will find that there are questions that are based on either tv shows or music or movies and even actors : )love life because you only live once #YOLO. BE YOU.

Created by: mikaira of this site
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  1. which show do you prefer?
  2. which song do you prefer?
  3. what movies do you prefer?
  4. which Shadowhunter do you prefer?
  5. which Riverdale character do you prefer?
  6. which guy should Dong Shancai end up with?
  7. would you rather?
  8. which actor do you prefer?
  9. which singer do you prefer?
  10. what would you rate this quiz

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Quiz topic: What do I like?