Who do you love? ~4 love interests! Some kits! 1 mate!~

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Hey guys, this is my first Quiz so please give me constructive criticism , I have never done anything like this sooooo... yeah.....so....hope you get what you want!

So basically you can choose your name, and you are a she-cat who has 4 love interests , and only 1 mate in the end. or none at all! your choice! I have straight options LGBT+ options, and yeah! please like and .....enjoy!

Created by: OnlyFeather6959
  1. Let's begin! ~ You are hunting in a patrol when you notice Smallfern blushing at you. He quickly turns away when you widen your eyes. What do you do?
  2. You look on your other side and see Snowbranch striding closer and closer inch by inch. She turns to you and smiles, a jealous look on her face. What do you do?
  3. Then you smash into a she-cat , you notice her let out a yelp of surprise and you both fall to the ground, you realize it was Acorntail, the beautiful she-cat blushes at you. What do you do?
  4. You trip and twist your paw, yowling in shock more than pain. Snowbranch, Smallfern and Acorntail all come to your aid while the deputy Lizardbite, gets the medicine cat Quietshade. Who do you let help you up?
  5. As you get back to camp with all 4 cats ending up helping you, you realize Quietshade slightly purring while your fur brushed, yet the others glared at him. What do you do?
  6. ~TIME SKIP~ you are at your deputy ceremony after an incident left Lowstar dead. You notice a cat cheering loudest. Which one?
  7. As you are speaking with (whichever you chose ) you find a surge of affection! Should you ignore it?
  8. ~ANOTHER MAGICAL TIME SKIP~ You grunt in pain as a small kit tumbled out, and then the other (s). You stared in affection at the tiny bundles of fur squirming there. ~SKIP IF YOU WANT ACORN OR SNOW OR IF YOU DON'T WANT A MATE OR KITS~
  9. ~If you chose Acorn or Snow or None, answer this!~ You see a small kit (s) wander into camp as you are sharing tongues with (Acorn or Snow) ``A KIT (s)!`` you yowl in surprise. What will you do?
  10. ~6 MOONS LATER~ You watch in pride as your kit (s) pad up to receive their apprentice names! Oh how amazing!

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Quiz topic: Who do I love? ~4 love interests! Some kits! 1 mate!~