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  • @elle bee - That was my result as well.

    PoeFan4Life Jun 7 '16, 3:53PM
  • hahahaHAHAHAHAHA that's what my mum said too. Honestly, i think i'd get on fairly well with Moriarty. Or, if i ever decided to bother trying, perhaps Sherlock himself. But i suppose that would be unlikely, looking at our conflicting agendas. You know, him solving crimes and me committing them. Imagine what would happen if Moriarty and i temporarily joined forces...

    Ellalese May 5 '16, 12:25AM
  • Sly and cunning.

    SuperWhoLock1 Dec 7 '14, 2:18PM
  • Tied between calm and in control, and quiet and unreadable. Accurate.

    elle bee Sep 3 '13, 1:44AM
  • Quiet and unreadable mhm? They sound suspicious about me. ~

    LittleRosie Jul 30 '13, 1:29PM
  • So I'm evil, huh? *grins evilly* So I was right all along...

    liz_king97 May 23 '13, 4:45PM

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