What do the Organization 13 characters think of you?(girls)

Welcome to my Quiz! This one is about what the Organization 13 characters would think of you if you were one of them. I hope you like your results. Don't kill me if you don't like them.

Like I said you'll find out what Xemnas, Xigbar, Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Saïx, Axel, Demyx, Luxord,Marluxia, Larxene, Roxas, and Xion think of you. Enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Emily

  1. Who do your allegiances lie with?
  2. Do you like Xemnas or Roxas better?
  3. What do you like to do?
  4. Which animal do you like best?
  5. RP Roxas asks you out. What do you say?
  6. You summon a Keyblade you didn't know you had. What do you call it?
  7. What is you're home world?
  8. What's your personality like?
  9. Who is best?
  10. What did you think of the quiz?

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