What organization thirteen character are you?

okay this was like late at night and crap and man am i tired>.< i am completely going to bed after this! no matter what you do or say! so like yo peace out homedogs!

i'd like to add that i could only add up to the ten members and it wouldn't let me add LArxene, Maluxia, Roxas, and Xion. I really wanted to do all of them but well.. limits *sigh*

Created by: Xemin

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  1. you have to go on a mission with the newest member in the orhganization your reaction is...
  2. okay you are fighting heartless you are using...
  3. pick a random number
  4. when you have spare time after a mission what do you prefer to do?
  5. You are attacked by one of your fellow members, your reactin is...
  6. you are on a vacation day you spend this day doing....
  7. what position are you in. in the organization?
  8. You find someone injured on the ground, they seem to be a nobody you...
  9. its late at night and you hear a noise downstairs you..
  10. last question!!!! becuase man its late>.

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Quiz topic: What organization thirteen character am I?