What do the BBC Sherlock characters think of you?

Who DOESN'T love BBC Sherlock? Have you ever wondered what they would say to you if they were real? THIS IS THE QUIZ FOR YOU! Anyone who loves Sherlock will enjoy this quiz!

What would Sherlock say about you? How about John? Now you can find out! If you like roleplay, great! If you don't, that's fine, too! There's a little bit of everything!

Created by: Racingblurr
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  1. Ready for the REAL questions?
  2. Who wants some ROLEPLAY?
  3. Ok, one morning, you wake up, and you find yourself lying down on the couch in SHERLOCK AND FLAT! Sherlock is looking out the window and John sees that you are awake. He says, "Hey, are you ok?" What do you say?
  4. '' It's fine," John says. " we found you right where you are, in our flat. I'm John Watson and that (points to Sherlock who is now playing his violin) is Sherlock Holmes." Suddenly, Sherlock springs up from his chair! ''John! I got a text from Lestrade. We have to go." 'Well, what about THE PERSON WHO MYSTERIOUSLY APPEARED IN OUR FLAT?" John says, pointing at you. Sherlock glances at you then says, "Are you coming or not?" It takes you a second to realize that he's talking to you... What do you say?
  5. Hmm... Should I continue the roleplay?
  6. Before I go back to the roleplay, I will ask you some questions.
  7. What do you want Sherlock to think of you?
  8. Who do you want to be like?
  9. Favorite color. Just kidding! Which group of words describes you best?
  10. Back to roleplay. You come to the crime scene. It seems familiar. Wait, you realize: this is from A Study in Pink! Just as you realize it, Sherlock looks back at you. ''Well, then," he says" want to give it a try?" John interrupts."what do you mean? She's probably never seen anything like this before?" "Let me handle it." Sherlock snaps back."now, you, what can you tell me about this person?" What do you say? (Oh, and if you didn't see a Study In Pink, I apologize. Do your best :) )
  11. Final question: Do you like reading books? If you do, what genre?
  12. Thank you!

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