Sherlock Quotes Quiz ( BBC Series )

This is a quiz about the BBC series of Sherlock. I am totally obsessed with it and will quote it to my friends just to annoy them. In my opinion it is the best programme EVER.

Despite the title, there are more than just quotes in this quiz. This is an opportunity to test your Sherlock knowledge and see if you are totally SHER locked.

Created by: Mollyrcmoo
  1. Finish the quote - " All lives end, all hearts are broken ..."
  2. Who said this - " Mrs Hudson leave Baker Street. England would fall "
  3. What were the three episodes in series 1 called?
  4. What years were the first three series released?
  5. What was the 2016 new year/Christmas episode called?
  6. Who plays Mycroft Holmes?
  7. Who does Amanda Abbington play?
  8. Which episode is this quote from - " I don't have friends. I just have one "
  9. Which episode is this quote from - " I don't have friends. I just have one "
  10. Who is saying this, and who are they saying it to - " I know how people think. I know how people think I think "
  11. Who was the last serial suicide in A study in pink?
  12. What is Sherlock's full name?
  13. What were the burglar's injuries ( according to Sherlock ) after he fell out a window?
  14. What was Jim Moriarty's nickname for Mycroft Holmes?
  15. What was Jim Moriarty's nickname for Sherlock Holmes?
  16. How does Sherlock end his first conversation with John?
  17. What is Sherlock's high functioning sociopath response to Charles Augustus Magnuson?
  18. What do you think of Sherlock.

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