what disney star are you

A genius is a person who is very smart and intelligent they hav a very strong power of there brain geniuses are quite creative and artistic and have alot of stuff they could be.

no im smart but not a genius im intelligent sorda and creative but not very could at some stuff like reading im sorda could at math but not quite the genius at it.

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  1. do you like to sing
  2. do you like to be sneaky or cause trouble
  3. are you sweet confident or caring
  4. do you like to spend time with your friend and family
  5. do you love being funny
  6. do you love to have brothers and sisters
  7. do you love to sing and dance on the stage
  8. wich do you love more being
  9. whats more fun
  10. what job would you rather have when you grow up

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Quiz topic: What disney star am I